powołany w 1948 roku

20th Jubilee International Dog Show in Katowice

under the patronage
Marcin Krupa Mayor of Katowice City

Place: Katowice, MOSiR "SPODEK"

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GPS: +50° 15' 57.60" N, +19° 1' 36.84" E (50.266 N, 19.0269 E )

Show plan

Exhibitors list

List of participants JH competition

Judging schedule

Site plan

Entries closed.

Changes of classes or cancelation are not possible.

Confirmation were sent 08th of march 2015 by e-mail.
Please check your mail.

Entry fee

Dogs registered in FCI associated organisation

First dog

50 EUR

Each succeeding dog*

40 EUR

Baby & Puppy class

30 EUR

Veteran Class 30 EUR

Polish breeds

1 PLN**

* "Succeeding dog", means that dog belongs to the same owner (or owners) as first dog.
Example 1:
Dog A - owner Mr Smith
Dog B - owners Mr Bean + Mr Smith
Dog C - owner Mr Bean
In this case all of the dogs A, B, C are "first dog".

Example 2:
Dog A - owners Mr Smith + Mr Bean
Dog B - owners Mr Smith + Mr Bean
In this case entry fee is calculated as follows:
A for "first dog" + Dog B "succeeding dog"

** if dog is presented on the show, otherwise full entry fee. Pay at the show please.


Entries for JH closed

Breeding competitions by e-mail to cacib2015@zkwp.katowice.pl

Fees for competitions:

Junior Handling

15 EUR

Best Brace

10 EUR

Best Breeding Group

10 EUR


Junior Handler:
Friday 20.03.2015 – Krystyna OPARA (PL)
Saturday 21.03.2015 – Dorota WITKOWSKA (PL)
Sunday 22.03.2015 – Janusz OPARA (PL)


Best Polish Breed

Krystyna Opara (PL)

Best Working Dog of Day

Miodrag Vreteničić (MNE)

Best Brace of Day

Krystyna Opara (PL)

Best Breeding Group of Day

Janusz Opara (PL)

Best Veteran of Day

Frank Kane (GB)

Best Baby of Day

Frank Kane (GB)

Best Puppy of Day

Nicola Imbimbo (I)

Best Junior of Day (Friday)

Grzegorz Weron (PL)

Best Junior of Day (Saturday)

Dorota Witkowska (PL)

Best Junior of Day (Sunday)

Janusz Opara (PL)

Best of Group I

Marie Josee Melchior (LUX)

Best of Group II

Antonio di Lorenzo (NOR)

Best of Group III

Nicola Imbimbo (I)

Best of Group IV

Miodrag Vreteničić (MNE)

Best of Group V

Rafael Garcia Parrondo (ESP)

Best of Group VI

Ferdinando Asnaghi (I)

Best of Group VII

Ferdinando Asnaghi  (I)

Best of Group VIII

Annika Ulltveit-Moe (S)

Best of Group IX

Lisbeth Mach (CH)

Best of Group X

Carmen Salud Navarro Guisado (ESP)

Junior Best in Show

Lisbeth Mach (CH)

Best in Show

Dusan Paunovic (SRB)